Firstfruits Celebration this Saturday by Webcast!
Issachar Course on Prayer Journeying by Webcast!
Chuck Pierce and Robert Heidler Minister on Sunday!

August 27, 2008

Dear Friends, Intercessors and Zion Aligned:

I am sending this from the mountains of South Korea where WLI Korea is located. Robert Heidler, our team of ten and I and have been ministering to the largest ever Wagner Leadership Institute class in Korea.  The meetings this past week in Indonesia, Thailand and South Korea have been just incredible. The atmosphere in Bangkok, Thailand has already begun to change, with riots occurring. Tonight in Korea was amazing! Each team member imparted and decreed an anointing over the group. Then I set up 12 anointing lines, one for each of the oils that we brought from New Wine Lights. The power and Presence of the Lord filled the room.

These are exciting times. Thank you for praying and being part of what the Lord is doing in the Kingdom of God! We start home tomorrow. I will pray for you and finish the next Prayer Focus on the plane. Robert and I will be ministering in Denton on Sunday morning! I am looking forward to you being with us or connecting via the web!

THIS IS SO EXCITING! Worship from wherever you are!  Firstfruits Webcast for the Hebraic Month of Elul  (Saturday, August 30 at 7:00PM)  
This weekend’s Firstfruits Gathering will be our first ever WEBCAST-ONLY Firstfruits Celebration.  Many of you join us by webcast every month, but others have only attended on-site.  So when we celebrate Firstfruits on Saturday, August 30, at 7 PM (CDT), all of us will join the same way – by webcast!  There is no registration fee or cost to sign on.  Elul is a month when the “King is in the Field”!  This webcast will be an outstanding time to be together and allow the Glory of God to come into your homes, so gather your friends and family to join you!  Please go to to learn how to sign on.  If you are a first time webcaster, scroll down to the bottom of the page to learn how to test your ability to view our webcasts. If you do not have high speed internet access, perhaps you can join a friend or family member for this historic Firstfruits Gathering, or you can call the office by Friday, August 29, by 4 PM CDT, to ask if there is a House of Zion in your area. Let us know all of those watching with you as you sign on so we can send a gift to each. For those of you who are unable to join our webcast on Saturday night, we will also offer a Webcast Replay of our Firstfruits Gathering on Wednesday, September 3, at 7:00 PM. 

This Sunday at Glory of Zion Outreach Center (August 31)
Robert Heidler and I will be ministering at Glory of Zion this Sunday.  Although the Firstfruits Gathering on Saturday night will be webcast only, we will still be meeting on site on Sunday morning for our corporate gathering – so you can join us in the sanctuary or by webcast.  We will begin at 9 AM with “The Power of Lift.”  This is a dynamic time when we ascend in worship and descend in war.  I will be ministering in this service.  During our “Power of Use” service, we will move back into worship followed by Robert teaching on “Lord Sabaoth! The Lord of Hosts!”

Our upcoming schedule is:

Saturday, August 30
7:00 PM          Firstfruits Celebration for Elul – WEBCAST ONLY!

Sunday, August 31
9:00 AM          The Power of Lift; Ministry by Chuck Pierce
10:15 AM        The Power of Use; Teaching by Robert Heidler
6:00 PM          Webcast REPLAY of Morning Services
6:00 PM          Issachar School Fast Track: Go Up to the High Places: The Importance of Prayer Journeys – WEBCAST ONLY!   (MP3 Store ticket registration required)

Monday, September 1
9:30 AM          Issachar School Fast Track: Go Up to the High Places: The Importance of Prayer Journeys – WEBCAST ONLY! (MP3 Store ticket registration required)
7:00 PM          Webcast REPLAY of Sunday Morning Services

Tuesday, September 2
6:00 AM          Early Morning Prayer

Wednesday, September 3
7:00 PM          Webcast REPLAY of Firstfruits Gathering

For details on all our webcasts please go to and click on the webcast icon. * All times are Central Daylight Time (CDT).

Issachar School Course - Go Up to the High Places: The Importance of Prayer Journeys – Webcast Only (August 31 – Sept 1)  
Our next Issachar School Fast Track will be unique, and our first ever WEBCAST-ONLY course.  For those of you who have never joined us by webcast, this will be your opportunity to do so!  Joining me will be Robert & Linda Heidler, Anne Tate, Diane Buker, and John & Sheryl Price. We will be speaking on why we do Prayer Journeys and The Benefits of Prayer Walking.  Great principles will be taught, but we will also share key stories to help you prosper in new ways.  This course will begin on Sunday, August 31, at 6:00 PM, and resume on Monday, September 1, from 9:30 AM till around 4 PM (with a lunch break).  To purchase your MP3 Store Ticket for this Fast Track event, click here: online.  (For all our webcasts, a high-speed Internet connection is required.)

Ignited Aligned – Now Your Jr. High Students can Join Us Online
Glory of Zion Next Generation Ministry is excited to announce an amazing new opportunity for the children and teens of Zion Aligned.  It is called Ignited Aligned: a web-based connection with the next generation for teaching, training and fun. The Ignited Jr. High ministry is now making their Sunday morning training class available for you to join them online.  This occurs during the main teaching time of the second service each Sunday morning.  For those of you who join “the Power of Use” webcast, your Jr. High children will be able to participate in their own class during that time. If you would like your child(ren) to be a part of our Sunday morning Ignited webcast, please contact Pastor Stacie Forest at ignitedaligned[at] to request a release form that can be returned by email, fax or mail.  Once she receives your completed Release Form, she will send out logon instructions and the password needed to participate in this exciting new class for your kids.

Senior High Students
We would like to pray for every one of the Senior High students returning to school or beginning their first year of college/trade school.  Please email their name, address and school to Pastor Joseph at josephp[at] so we can be praying for them by name.  If they have a personal email or blog address you may choose to include that as well.  

Register NOW! Seating limited to 750! Head of the Year 5769 (September 25-28, 2008)
The “Head” of the Hebraic Year is a key time to draw together to hear what the Lord is saying for the year ahead.  On September 25-28, we will draw together at Glory of Zion (this is a venue change from the UNT Coliseum) to celebrate“Head of the Year 5769: The Year of Samekh Tet”.  We invite you to join us for a release of Holy Spirit revelation that will help the Body of Christ walk with victory and authority in the year ahead.  Sid Roth, JoAnn McFatter, LaSalle Vaughn, Mary Glazier, Tim Sheets, Lance Wallnau and Robert Heidler will be joining me.  We will begin on Thursday evening at 7:00 PM, meet all day Friday and Saturday, and conclude around noon on Sunday.  Registration is $30/person or $50 per married couple.  You can register online at or by calling (888) 965-1099.  We hope to see many of you there!  For those of you unable to attend, you can also register to webcast this gathering for $30 via our MP3Store.

Chuck D. Pierce

If you would like to give to the ongoing ministry of Glory of Zion International Ministries, please click here or call (888) 965-1099 or (940) 382-7231 to give by credit card.

For those visiting, Glory of Zion is located on the corner of Dallas Drive and Teasley Lane in Denton, Texas.  If you are going North on I-35E from Dallas, exit at Teasley and turn right.  If you are driving South on I-35E, exit Teasley and turn left.  The church is located about a half mile on the right in the Woodhill Square Business Park.


"The King is in the Field" Anointing Oil and Spray


We always want to understand there are times when “the King is in the field.”  This is a time that the King is calling out for you to enter into a new relationship with Him. Approach Him and allow His countenance to shine upon you!   Along with New Wine Lights, we developed an anointing oil called “The King is in the Field”.  This includes sage, lavender, hyssop and cloves.  Use this to decree that your atmosphere will be filled with cleansing, healing, spice and new joy!  (Roll-on: $10; 2 oz bottle: $14; Spray: $10)

Go Up Again by The Glory of Zion International Worship Team

We are also beginning to release individual tracks for purchase on our MP3 store.  Let the New Song break the old cycle! Find your next place of worship and Go Up Again!!!  ($1.29)

Understanding Covenant Boundaries by Robert Heidler

Covenant is one of the most powerful concepts in the Bible, but so few grasp the implications of how the Lord’s covenant boundaries can transform our daily walk.  This series will help you make the shift from religion to reality, from legalism to liberty, and from striving to supernatural favor!  Four messages include: Cutting Covenant, Escaping Legalism, Life by the Spirit, and The Power of Holiness. ($25)

Interpreting the Times by Chuck D. Pierce

Interpreting the Times carries the message of what I represent in the Body of Christ: the Issachar Anointing. This book will give you an idea of what it takes to make it through narrow transitions. If ever we needed to understand GOD in our time and space, it is NOW!  This book will move you to understand the "process of time" that may presently be controlling you, into seeing your way into a place of future victory! In Interpreting the Times, you will understand that even though we may make a mistake in one season, the LORD makes us capable of redeeming the times or buying back wasted time. This book will also help move you to stop viewing time as a philosophy or a curse and instead begin seeing it as a real gift from God.  ($12)

Contending for A New Beginning

This CD of the GZI Worship Team was released at the Starting the Year Off Right Conference.  Beginning with “The Swords will Contend” and ending with “Don’t Forget”, these 10 songs will stir your spirit and renew a zeal to war for the “new” the Lord has for you in 2008.  Allow the sound and words on this recording to “Expose You” and separate yourself for the King as a “Spotless Bride”.  Then get ready to “Clap Your Hands” and shout “Yes I Will” as you “Run to the Shadow” of the fiery angels’ wings. By the time you are done, your spirit man will be shouting “Let Me Outta Here” so you can “Shift” and be “Ready to Fly”!  Allow this CD to propel you into your new beginning.  ($12)

These and many other resources can be ordered by going to or by calling (888) 965-1099 or (940) 382-7231Specials expire on September 15, 2008.