Shout the One Little Word for Victory! by Chuck D. Pierce
Apostolic Decree for Kingdom Wealth Release! by C. Peter Wagner

June 21, 2006

Continuing in the 183 Days to Eat the Word Series...

Dear Hungry Saints:

We have just celebrated Pentecost, the Feast of the Open Heavens.  At the end of the gathering we had a “FIRE TUNNEL” that was Hot and Anointed as 1,500 people took communion and then walked through ministers and intercessors releasing their anointing. I am decreeing all the blessings of Pentecost to be released in your life, family, place of worship and business.
      There are three levels of Pentecost blessings.  The FIRST level is celebrating the release of provision from the Lord by praise and giving.  The SECOND level is celebrating the release of the power of God into the earth realm.  The THIRD level is celebrating the release of supernatural revelation.  I am specifically decreeing these three new levels of blessings for your life.  
      One of the highlights of the Pentecost conference was an apostolic decree by Dr. Peter Wagner for the wealth transfer for Kingdom advancement to begin. You can get that session by going to my website at  You can also purchase the whole set of CDs for the Pentecost gathering. 

I am thanking the Lord for sustaining us over the first half of this calendar year of 2006. I am writing this on the day before summer begins. I am declaring the favor of the Lord to rest upon you. May you radiate as brightly as the summer sun.
      We are entering the third month of the Hebrew year - the month of Sivan.  Remember, each month has a blessing. The Lord is teaching us to move from blessing to blessing until His blessings overtake us.  “And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you if you heed the voice of the Lord your God. Blessed shall you be in the city and blessed shall you be in the field.” (Deut. 28:2,3)

Sivan is the month of the tribe of Zebulon and is known as the “Business Person Month.” The tribe of Zebulon was linked with prosperity and increase. May you have new business ideas and may your business(es) increase. May your finances multiply and expand. This is also the month of:

What you decreed in the first month you need to step into. We are praying for your faith to take action. Let all things work together for good in your life! Apostolic decrees set the course for our future! Here is Peter Wagner’s Apostolic Decree for Kingdom Wealth to be Released issued on June 9, 2006.  Peter’s great, great, great grandfather was Alexander Hamilton, the father of the economic system in our nation. Therefore, he has the authority to decree this for Kingdom Purposes.  Read it!  Decree it yourself! This is so incredible!


I hereby take the apostolic authority that I have been given by God as an ambassador for the Kingdom of God.  I make this decree on the foundation of the blood shed by Jesus Christ, God’s Son, at the cross of Calvary.  I enunciate these words by the power of the infilling of the Third Person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit of God.

In compliance with the sacred scriptures written in Ephesians 3:10, I, on behalf of the Church of Jesus Christ, make known the manifold wisdom of God to the principalities and powers in the Heavenly places.  I say to you, evil spirits of darkness, that the reign you have usurped over the creation and over the nations of the world since the Garden of Eden is hereby coming to an end.  The wisdom of God declares that His Kingdom is coming and that His will shall be done here on earth as it is in Heaven.  Your dominion is coming to an end, replaced by the godly dominion of those who are born again children of the last Adam, Jesus Christ.

As a key part of bringing this about, God has declared through His prophets that the wealth of the wicked will be released to the Kingdom of God.  Powers of darkness will diminish and powers of light will flourish.  I declare this to the principalities and powers who have been agents of Satan to obstruct this transfer of wealth for too long: Your time is up!  Your evil powers are broken!  By the blood of Jesus Christ, I declare that your wicked powers are demolished!  I take the apostolic authority that has been given me and I bind you!  What is bound on earth will be bound in Heaven.  Let go of the wealth of the nations!  I loose this wealth for the Kingdom of God.  What has been loosed on earth will be loosed in Heaven!

I declare that this wealth will be distributed for the extension of the Kingdom of God by the apostles that God has set in the church.  I consecrate these chosen apostles.  Two days ago I completed the formation of an apostolic council of 48.  These experienced men and women have passed the tests of giftedness, effectiveness, leadership, and exemplary character. I speak specifically to Mammon, you vile and destructive demonic principality, and I say you will keep your hands off these 48 chosen ones.  Neither greed nor covetousness nor parsimony nor self-reliance will be able to influence God’s chosen and anointed ones.  They, among many others like them, will be mighty agents of God for the transformation of society.  They will lead the way in restoring the rightful dominion and stewardship over God’s creation that was lost by our forefather, the first Adam.

I decree that vast amounts of wealth will be released supernaturally, even from godless and pagan sources.  I decree that large numbers of God’s chosen people will be empowered in fresh and creative ways to gain wealth according to Deuteronomy 8:18.  New inventions will multiply.   Disruptive technologies will change the life patterns of the whole human race.  The earth will disgorge vast riches of hidden resources. These will be entrusted to God’s agents.  Profits will increase exponentially.

The enemy’s camp will be plundered.  The forces of darkness will be in disarray, and they will retreat.  Jesus will be exalted in nation after nation.  Righteousness and justice will sweep the earth as a tsunami.  Resistance will be impossible.  Jesus will put all things under His feet.  He will deliver the Kingdom to God the Father.  The prayer that Jesus taught us will be answered.  “Your Kingdom come.  Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven!”

It is spoken.  So may it come to pass!  Amen and amen!

One Little Word Shall Fell Him

On Tuesday, June 13 in our Early Morning Prayer Meeting, John Dickson began to sing “A Mighty Fortress is Our God”.  The words of one of the verses are as follows: 

“And though this world with devils filled should threaten to undo us,

We will not fear for God hath willed His truth to triumph through us.

The Prince of Darkness grim, we tremble not for him.

His rage we can endure, for lo, his doom is sure.

One little word shall fell him…One little word…One little word…One little word.”

I began to declare that the Word  of God would stir in the inward parts of the Body of Christ. I decreed that ONE WORD would rise up in each of us that we could speak to enemy. I declared that we would use that word like a sword for our families, for those we know that are struggling with various issues, for our cites, and for this nation.  As we sang the song, the intercessors lined up to shout their “one word.” 

Here are 37 words that we shouted.  I want you to suggest you do this over the next seven days.  Read Psalm 37, 47 and 149 and SHOUT these words in your life and over the situations you are praying for!

Joy! We loose joy into the body.  Shout Joy!

Favor!  We loose favor over the body.

Victory!  Shout victory into the body!  Lord, let victory rise in the body!

Healing!  We sing healing.  Now sing this, “Joy, favor, victory and healing!”

Glory!  Sing glory! Glory! Now let’s sing, “One Little Word!”  Lord, we say that You are building a new fortress around Your people today.  The words of defeat are beginning to disintegrate.  We loose the new words, joy, favor, victory, healing, and glory.  Father, let glory invade the atmosphere around Your people.

Purity!  Shout it and break off defilement.

Go!  Lord, we say go, go!  We tear off anything that is keeping Your people from going.

Grace!  We have grace to go to new places.  Decree grace over your family to go to new places.

Freedom!  The Lord would say, “I am sending people in to places that are captured, that are holding back what I need and they are going to have the freedom to bring out what needs to be brought out.  I say, go in with freedom, unlock captivity and bring back plunder.”

Sufficiency!  Lord, you are El Shaddai, the sufficient God.  Remind us of your sufficiency.  The camels are mounting up together!  We are riding into new places and riding out with that which has been captured.  We loose that over the Body through the world.  Where the enemy has confined them, it is breaking off of them.  They will see their camels, get on them and go with the convoy.  Shout, “Go with the convoy! The convoy is shifting and I’m going with the convoy!”

Breakthrough!  We decree breakthrough.  There is a shout rising up for breakthrough.

Creativity!  Father, we thank You for an anointing for creativity.  Pray over someone and decree that they will be creative and do exploits.  Isaac lifted his eyes and saw the camels coming with his future, Rebekah, on them.  Decree right now, “The camels are bringing my future in!”  We decree it over the Body.  Let me add this so we pray it for the Body.  Isaac went out to meditate in the first watch, the evening watch.  During the power of that meditation, he lifted his eyes and saw the camels coming with Rebekah.  Lord, set the watch in order so we can see the camels coming in.

Obedience!  Lord, we will be an obedient people who move forward and do what You say even when we do not understand it.  We thank You for the anointing that has come.

Faith!  The Old Testament word for faith is obedience.  The New Testament word is a release of seeing a manifestation.  Lord, we say let faith and obedience explode throughout your people.

Perseverance! Allen, come up and blow the shofar and sound the alert so we will watch, and in watching we will see ambushes, we will see the camels coming, we will stay within God’s time, we will see the desire upon our enemies, we will see faith manifest and become reality.  We are watching, we are watching.  We will stay alert and watch for any ambush.  (Allen blows the shofar) Now give a shout up into Heaven. 

Covenant keeping love!  Lord, we loose that into your people today. 

New!  We loose “new” over the Body.

Sight!  Sight is coming into Your people.  Where they have not been able to see, they will now see.

Acceleration!  When they see, they will accelerate.  We thank You for the one small word that will fell the enemy.

Prosperity!  As we celebrate, we will prosper.  We will enter into a success dimension we have never been in before.

Restore!  We shout “Restore!”  Some of you may have to send something to someone to bless them and declare that it is time for their latter to begin.

Commitment!  We are committed to see this breakthrough.  We are committed to withstand with You.

Sensitivity!  We will be sensitive to time and will begin to move in perfect sensitivity to Holy Spirit.

Authority!  That will produce an authority in us that hell can’t stop.

Discernment!  We will have a discernment about when to give, when to hold back, when to speak, when to be quiet.  This is being loosed.

Stamina!  We will have stamina as we advance.

Worship!  We will worship in this procession.

Hope!  We will be filled with hope which is opening up faith, and faith will be overcoming.

Deliverance!  We will see deliverance sweep both the Gentile and the Jew.

Sound!  The sound of the Lord will penetrate the earth realm and unlock that which has been held.

Unity!  Lord, you are doing a new thing in unity.

Truth!  The spirit of truth will be upon us.

Strategy!  We will be filled with strategy.  Truth will produce strategy which will produce victory.

Power!  Power will be released because of our authority.

Harvest!  We will unlock the harvest!  Shout “Harvest!”

Miracles!  Shout “Miracles” seven times.

Wealth! One intercessor had brought a camel saddle. We used Is. 60 to declare that “The camels are coming bringing new levels of supply!” John Dickson then began to sing a new song: “The camels are coming! The camels are coming!  The dogs start barking and the kids come running cause the wealth of the Lord is coming to us!”
      I had previously been given a bottle with the first fruits rain from this year mixed with the Costmary Watch Oil.   As John sang I began to anoint the intercessors and decree that we would begin to watch for both latter and former rains. We shouted that our latter would be greater than our former, and that our end will be greater than our beginning.  The former was good, but the latter will be better!  We then began to declare that as our latter blessings start coming in and as the camels begin to enter into the procession that “No ambush!” of the enemy would be successful.  We now are developing an anointing oil for each watch!

The Prophetic Mantle Fell!

Then the Lord began to speak : “You have learned one sound and you have learned another sound and you have learned another sound, but now I am going to begin to advance you in instruments.  One instrument produces one victory and the sounds of that instrument multiply the victory, but I’m going to show you how to multiply into different weapons with different sounds and you will find yourself creating a harmony that the enemy cannot withstand.  This is the beginning of the expansion of the orchestra of My Body.  

I am going to orchestrate a new movement of My people.  I am creating a procession filled with sound. From this procession I must have creativity expand within My people so they will proceed properly.  In the procession they will find themselves positioned in places they did not think they would be.  Some would think they would be at the head, but they will now take the rear guard.  Those who are willing to be repositioned and realigned in the procession and begin to demonstrate a new release of creativity and sound will find themselves ordered with favor and grace that they have never known.  Let go and enter into that which I have for you this hour for the procession for the latter has now begun.” 

You will find the generations intermingled from this day forward.  There will not be one generation leading and another generation learning.  There will be an intermingling of generations that will cause a new expression of who I am.  Many have been pulled aside, many have gone through very difficult transitions, many are even having surgery on My behalf and they have not understood that I am reforming them for the days ahead. 
      This is a time of exploding power within a people who have been filled with power, but have never allowed power to explode.  This will be as if a new celebration is being formed that wil
l cause a new release of victory.  I am pointing to Dallas.  I am moving across Miami, and saying to Phoenix, ‘This is a time where I have singled you out.’  I am saying to New Jersey, ‘Get ready for there will be a sound in the streets that will be a sound of destruction, but celebration will follow that sound.’” 

This is a time of aligning and repositioning and loosing within a gifted people that which has been held captive within them.  When that happens, there will be a realignment of the nations that are holding control of the wealth.  You are entering into wars over the supply for your future.  The war for supply has begun.  There are oil wars, gold wars, silver wars.  Nations are realigning against nations in this war, but I have a people who will be a secret weapon that will begin to move in the war against nations and who will go in and take the spoils.  I will create and position My people in economic structures, in political structures, and in businesses. 

You will wonder, ‘Why was this my assignment?’ There are divine connections in that assignment that you can only have by being positioned there.  My people will be going in ways they have never gone before and entering into places they have never gone before.  I’m going to begin to cause the structure linked with the Arab system in Atlanta to be seen publicly so that even in Atlanta there will be an upheaval.  (God began to speak about certain cities).  I will redo a strength of the church in Atlanta that has never been seen before.  This is a time that even the desolate places will begin to arise.  West Texas will begin to arise with a new release of the resources of the ground.  The wind will blow in Chicago again and it will begin to realign My people in celebration in a new way. 

The latter procession is beginning.  Do not look and say, ‘We do not have time.’  Time is in My hands and you are built into My timing system.  It won’t be this generation, but two more generations that will bring forth the fullness of these blessings.  Because of that, you must allow Me to unlock things in you now to intermingle with those who are rising up.  When you do I will begin to align My voice in three generations and hell will not stop My plan in the earth. 
      Even in the days of Hitler, I positioned the cooks in strategic places.  Now I am beginning to position people in places where they will be serving the enemy it would seem, but in serving the enemy they are gaining the upper hand over the enemy’s strategy.  They are not serving the enemy, but they are serving Me.  By serving Me at the table of the enemy they will take the spoils of the enemy.  I am removing the fear of the enemy from My people so they can be positioned to even smile at the enemy.  If you will begin to smile at the enemy you will end up laughing at the enemy and the enemy will be seated underneath and submitted to the plan that I have in the earth.  This is a time that I would raise you up and move you into a new place so that the enemy will be submitted to My plan.”

These are encouraging times. These are hard times. These are times when we need to watch our motives and our hasty decisions. This is a time to have our steps ordered!  

I bless you abundantly!

Chuck D. Pierce


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