The Year Ahead!  The Gathering, Issachar, Korea, DC, etc. 

Three Keys: Ask, Seek, Knock Now!

January 11, 2007

Dear Advancing Intercessors:

I am presently flying to Seoul, Korea for the 100th Centennial of the Pyongyang Revival.  Similar to the Azusa Street Revival in the United States, the nation of Korea saw a powerful move of Holy Spirit 100 years ago.  So much has happened over the past hundred years—a nation revived became a nation divided.
     The beginning of this move of God occurred through desperation.  In the early 1900's the missionaries and leaders began to pray in the last watch of the night, with 4am becoming the defining time of prayer. Some would continue praying until noon.  After persistent prayer, one night “God Came!”  For the next 5 years, repentance, prayer, and the presence and power of God was the norm. In this year of DIVINE MOVEMENT we must revisit what has been and cry out for the next move of the Spirit.

A large remnant will be drawing together in Seoul this week to seek the Lord for a fresh outpouring of His Spirit that will result in societal transformation.  Now is the time for the Church in Korea to make a shift and for the wineskin to develop for the future.  I have been asked to minister twice on Friday and then to participate in portions of the 12 hour celebration on Saturday. Peter Wagner, Paul Yonggi Cho, Che Ahn, Heidi & Rolland Baker and others will be there.

This is a time for the generations to move forward. My son, John Mark, and Brian Kooiman are accompanying me on this trip.  This is John Mark’s first international trip with me.  We return home on Sunday, and then Brian and I fly on to Washington, DC for a banquet for the Israel Ambassador to the United States.

Under His Wing: The Year of Clashing Swords!
With all 50 states represented and many other nations, this was one of the most memorable gatherings that I have ever attended. The power of God on each speaker was incredible as they all delivered a very timely message. Every message is incredible and a must to hear.

From the beginning to the end, the worship (led by John Dickson, Leann Squier, Aaron Smith, Peter Roselle, and others) and the ministry to the people was so incredibly creative and powerful! JoAnn McFatter bridged many gaps between heaven and earth as she led us into the Throne Room worship. Paul Wilbur led us in a night of worship on Friday.  The worship permeated and connected every meeting—it was as if we never left the Throne Room!

Dutch Sheets gave a charge to address the structure of Baal (amazing) and Cindy Jacobs moved prophetically to release repentance.  Jim Hodges shared how to see the “7’s” in Revelation. This opened up the Kingdom for the year ahead. Peter Wagner explained the transfer of wealth that is coming and did a prophetic act to release the power to find hidden wealth.  Joseph Garlington led the people into the next level of joy and victory.

Paul Goulet released faith that exploded into an evangelistic release.  James Goll, Kim Daniels, Barbara Wentroble and Barbara Yoder encouraged us to go to the next level of anointing with key present revelation. Paul Keith Davis developed an expectation for awakening this year. Robert Heidler and I shared details on the revelation of the year ahead. We had teams that led the night prayer watches. This was just incredible!

Dan Juster, from Israel, gave detailed insight on the war of “faith” occurring over God’s covenant plan in the earth by sharing tremendous insights over the operation of Islam. Dan and his wife Patty then led us in an incredible prophetic act of connecting Jew and Gentile that will propel us into the next move of God throughout the world. This gathering was truly historical.  If you did not attend, the CDs or DVDs will benefit you greatly.

For Those in Our Region: Sunday, January 14 at Glory of Zion Outreach Center
This Sunday, Dale Wentroble and Robert Heidler will be ministering the Word.  Dale will be teaching on Apostolic People.  We have begun to understand the role of the apostolic, but what does it mean for the apostolic spirit to be in the Church and in the people?  Dale will bring key revelation regarding this. 
      Robert will be teaching from Matthew 7.  This past morning when 150 came together for early morning prayer, the Lord began to say: “I give you three keys for the year ahead… Ask, Seek, Knock, and the Door will be open!  Robert will speak on this progression. If you are in the region, you are invited to come to Glory of Zion on Sunday and put on a new mantle of authority and favor!  

Our schedule is:

7-8am Intercessory Prayer
8-10am Worship & Word – 1st Service
10-11am Prophetic Ministry – Keith Pierce and teams
11am-1pm Worship and Word – 2nd Service
12-1pm Training the Next Generation…Getting in the Face of God

Early Morning Prayer on WEDNESDAY, January 17
One of my greatest joys is to lead corporate prayer.  Our weekly times of prayer at 6 AM at Glory of Zion have released incredible revelation and helped order our lives individually and corporately.  For those in the Metroplex (and even beyond), I wanted to alert you that next week we will actually be meeting on Wednesday morning at 6 AM (rather than on Tuesday).  Anyone is welcome to join us.  Then the following week we will once again resume our regular schedule of meeting on Tuesday.  For those unable to attend, we post an abbreviated transcript of these prayer times on our website at

The Issachar School
We just completed our first Issachar School course of the year.  I joined Robert Heidler in teaching The Next Move of God: Recognizing the Wind of the Spirit.  The teaching was just incredible!  Robert’s teaching connected the history of the Church to today and then projected us into the future.  DVDs and CDs from this course are available for purchase by calling (888) 965-1099 or (940) 382-7231. 

Our next Issachar School course is scheduled for February 4-5, when Robert and I will teach Armed and Dangerous: Using Your Weapons of War!  Many of us know that we have weapons and that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but most of us do not know how to use them.  This class will demonstrate how to use the weapons God has given us to bring us into new levels of victory.  We will begin on Sunday, February 4 at 6:00 PM and then continue on Monday, February 5 from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM (with a lunch break).  This will also be the first class we webcast.  If you are interested in taking this course online, please email for details.  For more information on The Issachar School and a complete listing of this year’s courses, please visit

This course will actually follow our Firstfruits Weekend that Barbara Wentroble and International Breakthrough Ministries is coordinating on February 2 and 3.  That will begin on Friday night at 7:00 PM and continue on Saturday beginning at 9:00 AM.  There is no fee to attend, but since an overflow crowd is expected, you will need to call Barbara’s office at (972) 870-0208 to register your coming for this Wave of Holy Spirit: The Drought is Over Gathering.  You may come just on Saturday night for the Firstfruits meeting, but registered guests will have first right at seating in the sanctuary. We will have two overflow areas.  I will be imparting the blessing of the month. We hope to see you there! 

Announcing GOZRadio!

Click to connect to

The last several months we have been working to develop our internet radio station, GOZRadio.  By January 21, this online station will allow you to listen to music, messages, and services linked with Glory of Zion.  This will be one of the ways you can connect with us as we move into a greater dimension of communication in days ahead. 

Our station will have the latest prophetic music not only by people from Glory of Zion, but from others that I am associated with all over the nation.  We are also connected with many other Ministries and Houses of Zion.  We will be giving you ideas of some of the teachings and ministries that are in your region.  I’ll also have a way for you to call Glory of Zion and record your prophecies and exhortations.  We will screen these and have a section to release these prophecies.

Glory of Zion Outreach Service Webcast
By mid-February we are hoping to offer Glory of Zion Outreach Services by webcast for those who are connected and aligned with us.  You will receive a password and can participate in our services wherever you are.  We are excited about this new development and how it will allow us to communicate at a new level.


Chuck D. Pierce

Starting the Year Off Right Conference

The Starting the Year Off Right Conference released incredible revelation for the year ahead.  The power of God on every speaker was incredible, and each minister helped us shift into a new dimension of insight, faith and victory.  

You will want to hear these messages by Peter Wagner, Cindy Jacobs, Dutch Sheets, Joseph Garlington, Barbara Wentroble, Paul Keith Davis, Barbara Yoder, James Goll, Dan Juster, Kimberly Daniels, Paul Goulet, Jim Hodges, Robert Heidler, and Chuck D. Pierce. 

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The Oil of His Wings – Anointing Oil and Candle

We created the “Oil of His Wings” anointing oil for this new year.  This oil has the fragrance of heaven to remind us of Psalm 91 and Malachi 4.  This oil has seven key spices and fragrances mixed together, including frankincense, myrrh, pomegranate, sage and others.  The “Oil of His Wings” candle is absolutely beautiful.  During the conference, every one who gave an offering received an anointing oil and candle to take home with them. 
For a limited time, you can purchase both of these together for $20
(regularly $12 each).

Reordering Your Day: Understanding and Embracing the Four Prayer Watches by Chuck D. Pierce

Begin the New Year watching!  The Lord is changing the course of His people and making us efficient and effective in our prayer life and with our time!  In Reordering Your Day, learn about the four night watches: Evening [6:00 PM to 9:00 PM], Midnight [9:00 PM to Midnight], Breaking of a Day (Cockcrowing) [Midnight to 3:00 AM], and Morning [3:00 AM to 6:00 AM].  This book helps you discipline yourself to receive revelation that will guide and direct your life. This book helps you understand why you are being called to pray at certain times.  Reordering Your Day will help you understand how God is reordering our day so we can enter into His timeframe and experience the power of seeing what He sees! The watches are key to the next move of God!  ($12.00)

How is Your Lampstand Burning? Understanding the Seven Churches of Revelation by Robert Heidler

Jesus is visiting His church.  He is walking among the lampstands!  He wants to equip us to overcome Satan’s strategies and walk in God’s favor.  He comes with a word for every church and every Christian.  In this series you will learn how to prepare for His visitation.  In this 7 CD series, discover how to overcome in battle and keep your lampstand burning brightly.  Find out what the Spirit is saying to the church today!  ($35.00)

We are beginning to offer a whole new line of watch candles, oils, and watch-cups. These are incredible touch-points to help us during our prayer times. They are also wonderful gifts!

You can visit to order these and many other materials, or call (888) 965-1099 or (940) 382-7231.  Specials expire on January 31, 2007.